Saint-Martin Beam-Posts
  • Saint-Martin Beam-Posts

Saint-Martin Beam-Posts 1937 Sq.Ft - 180 M²


Contemporary custom ecological house - Fully modifiable

Beam Post Structure 140x140mm, walls 70mm, Surface 160m2

Adapted to tropical climate Treatment: Class 4 autoclave (Green or Brown)

Storm bracing - threaded rods

Beam Posts 140x140– walls 70mm

In KIT - 160000 euros including tax

KIT + Assembly - 192000 euros including tax

KIT + Turnkey assembly - 240000 euros TTC

2-3 months, 45-60 days assembly

Out of stock

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Contemporary ecological house Saint-Martin 180m² (Useful) - House 180m² + Covered terrace of 36m²

Fully tailor-made - customizable

- In Beam Posts - High Range

Structure: Posts and Beams 140x140mm (larger sections 140-240 x 140-300mm - on request)

Walls: 70mm solid wood planks - Pine or solid northern fir (filling of insulated frame walls - on request)

Interior partitions: 70mm solid wood planks

Wood slab / Structure:

Wood floor structure on crawl space

Installation on: studs / stilts / foundation screws / concrete slab

Structure and joists in glulam / treated solid wood

Wooden slab intended for laying on 16-20 studs

Floor covering: - optional

Roof: Traditional frame by crawling Glued laminated structure / treated solid wood, Film under roof

Ceiling covering: 20mm solid wood paneling

Cover: Tiles / steel tray: - not included

Carpentry: Solid wood windows, double glazing 4/16 / 4mm or colored PVC, or ALU

Solid wood interior door (width x height):

Exterior door in Wood / PVC color / ALU, double glazing 4/16 / 4mm

Shutters: Optional

Installation hardware - supplied

Strips, roof overflows, edge plank

Assembly (DOM TOM) can be provided by our partners: not included

You need to provide a lifting means to place the beams Unloading means to be provided: not included

Delivery included: - DOM TOM Guadeloupe, Saint Martin and in mainland France

Caribbean Islands delivery: - possible, but additional fees may apply

Worldwide delivery: on estimate, - possible, but additional costs may apply